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Monday, 16 June 2014

Ingredients for our (Fabi/Snow/me) beautiful potion :')

  1. Head of a live octopus
  2. Third toenail of a two-toed antelope
  3. The dust of a fairy
  4. Horn of a human boy
  5. Left armpit sweat taken from a right-handed man called Bill on the thirty-fourth of December
  6. The second X-chromosome of a boy born before his older sister
  7. A five leaf clover collected from the footprint of the thirteenth toe of a newt that has three toes per foot and bushy red eyebrows
  8. The last thumbprint of a duck who was owned by Albert Einstein when he was a hundred and three and ate one of his hairs and lived in Canada with its one true love, Sherlotter Holmes
  9. The nineteenth hour of the morning in which Queen Elizabeth I played her penultimate game of chess against Pablo Picasso and captured his bishop with a loud cry of "OPPA GANGNAM STYLE."
  10. An egg laid by a dodo bird in the Southern Alps on the head of Pope Miley Cyrus
  11. The ghost of an immortal vampire who fainted at the sight of blood
  12. The reflection of the invisible last will and testament of Will Testament, Ancient Egyptian playwright who danced the chicken dance on All Hallow's Eve 2015 and eventually died in a railroad accident planned by Derek and the minions to stop him from spreading spoilers about TDOTL before the series had begun

Friday, 13 June 2014

Adra: *Silence* 
:/  *Needs to cuddle*
Sir: I do hope that silence has a good doctor.
Adra: What does that have to do with cuddling? Are you volunteering?
Alastair: *cuddles*
Sir: Ms. Dark, I was merely referring to the fact that on this blog, silence falls quite a bit.
Alastair: Oh, I don't think it needs a doctor. Perhaps if it falls often enough, something will break, and it'll be prompted to scream. I imaging the scream of silence would be simply exquisite.

Saturday, 7 June 2014

"Tempest is used to being ignored. Please, continue with your talk."

- Silente Tempest