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Wednesday, 29 January 2014

"I guess we, as humans, need faith and belief.

If you don't believe in belief, you believe in not believing in belief.

So I may as well believe. :P

And I suppose there's lots of ways you could improve the world . . . and there isn't one right way to do it, there's just lots of different ways *referencing to Taia again*
So I may as well believe in my things and believe in my good stuff, because although not everyone doesn't believe it and it is not The Correct Thing, it is a correct thing, and by believing in it, I'm bringing it to life.

Yes. :)" -Star Inkbright
"Being perfect isn't about being flawless. It's about being perfectly you." - Luciana Scáth

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

"I wish there was anything, anything on earth I could do.

I can't be a psychologist, and I can't comfort you when you cry. The only thing I can really do is sit here until the sun comes out again and listen as much as you want me to. If you want me to talk, fine. If you want to talk to me, I'm always there. I promise, blogsister.

And does anyone ever really know what's happening? In the end, we all have to go with it and wait patiently for answers. Being a teenager is especially hard, because who you are is changing. You think you have it figured out, and then boom, he next day you're back to square one." ~ Sapphire Iota
"You are too perfect for words." ~Fabi S.
"Every time I see a packet of Skittles, I’ll think of Luciana.
Every time I see a crow watching me, I’ll think of Niccolo.
Every time I hear One Direction, I’ll think of Mara.
Every time I see a wolf, I’ll think of Emerald.
Every time I think of a fallen hero, I'll think of Chase.
Every time I see a shadow, I’ll think of Zafira.
Every time I see a candle in the darkness, I’ll think of Aiden.
Every time I see my little brother, I’ll think of Rhydian.
Every time I see my sister, I’ll think of Aretha.
Every time I watch Sherlock Holmes, I’ll think of Ember.
Every time I see a symbol, I’ll think of Adra.
Every time I see a shark or tuna or even a dictionary, I’ll think of Sharky.
Every time I see a bar, I’ll think of Trip.
Every time I see a duck, I’ll think of Duck.
Every night when I look at the stars or use a pen or see bubbles, I’ll think of Star.
Every time I see a secret code, I’ll think of Fabi.
Every time I see a kebab, I’ll laugh because of Jubi.
Every time I see a flame or a gust of wind, I’ll think of the elementals.
Every time I see a person in black, I’ll think of the necromancers.
Every time I see something out of the normal, I’ll think of the adepts.
Every time I open my laptop and see black text on a white background, I’ll think of Blogland.
Every time I hear people randomly burst out into laughter, I’ll think of  you" ~ Death Rose
"*hugs* Every day you accomplish something, in my eyes at least. Every day, just by being you, you accomplish perfection." ~Luciana Scàth

What this is for...

So, I got a top of page comment on derek landy's blog. And that means I had to dedicate the page. But the problem was, everything had been done. So this was my response:

 Snow Stormberg and An Ominous Voice in Italics that enjoys throwing people off buildings said...

So I've been sitting here, trying to think of something meaningful to dedicate to... but I cant. And it got me thinking. Everything worthwhile seems to have already had a page dedicated to it. It seems it has all been done before.
And I love getting first and working out a dedication, but it's getting so hard, y'know?

So.... I wanna mix it up a bit, and do something so different and fun.... something I doubt has been done before.

I am... I am going to dedicate this page to every other dedication that has ever been done on this blog. To every bloglandian, blogger and insane person. To everythkng mentioned right here. To our home. But I'm doing it my way. Doing it the insane way.

This is me, deciding to mix it up. And what I am doing is this:

I want you to email me quotes. Amazing bloglandian quotes. And I am going to compile them. And post them. That is going to be my dedication. Email me anything. A word. A sentence. A paragraph. Anything a bloglandian has said that just stuck in you head and/or heart. Anything. Possitive, negative, opinionated or completely neutral. Just send me and email and I will add it.

my email addresses:

Dont even hesitate. Just send them.

January 29, 2014 at 3:38 AM

And so, I made this blog to compile the quotes on. :)