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Monday, 3 February 2014

"Hope is the strongest thing I've ever known, it can turn the tides in a losing battle, it can bring about comfort to those who are worried and can be used as the most powerful weapon in the world.

Each year I hope that it will be a better year than the last. Every day I hope the day will be better than the previous. Every time something goes wrong, I hope it can be fixed.
I hope a lot. Because hope reminds me that anything is possible.

I'm hoping, right now, that things will improve for the people I love, because in their lives I am often redundant.

Hope gives people something to fight for, whether it's a war, a battle, a struggle in life, it a struggle for life.

I wouldn't be here without faith, and without hope. They are magical things that humankind have been gifted with.

Anyone know the tale of Pandora's Box? All of these sins and horrible things are released from the box at first, because she did what any human does - she made a mistake.
But then, a small bright little thing called hope comes out. Because, no matter how bad life may be, no matter how evil something/someone is, no matter how dark the days get, hope will always be there!" 

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