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Tuesday, 25 March 2014

*grand voice* I am old, people, and I have seen generations rise and fall, like yo-yos, except the yo-yo kind of gets bounced once and then gets replaced, and what I can say is . . . er . . . well, what I can say it what I always say, which is that although my friends leave, and it sucks, and Blogland changes, and it sucks, and I have to be all human and go missing everything, and it sucks . . . well, what happens is that I miss the old Blogland for a bit, and I never really stop missing it, but after a while, I come to see how awesome the new Blogland is and get attached to it as well and make a whole load of new friends and get used to a load of new awesome stuff.
I have been here when people blogfought
I have been here when people just chatted
I have been here when people roleplayed
and now I am still here, for better or for worse. I like to think it's for better. :P

~Star Inkbright

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