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Friday, 18 September 2015

(*the stage is dark as the curtains draw back*
*as the lights come on two figures can be seen*
*one is a tall, muscled man with brown hair, a big nose and buckteeth*
*beside him is a tall blond man who's looks somewhat rotten and gormless*
*a guitar starts playing quietly*
Cannibal: Zombies are better than people!
Ger, don't you think that's true?
Yeah people will beat you, behead you, mistreat you. Everyone of them's bad, except you.
Aww thanks.
But people taste better than zombies,
Ger don't you think I'm right?
That's once again true, so I eat them with you.
Okay then, let's call it a night.
Don't let the vampires, bite.
*the brown haired man takes a bow before walking off stage, the blond haired one shuffling off behind him*) ~Silente Tempest

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