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Tuesday, 28 January 2014

What this is for...

So, I got a top of page comment on derek landy's blog. And that means I had to dedicate the page. But the problem was, everything had been done. So this was my response:

 Snow Stormberg and An Ominous Voice in Italics that enjoys throwing people off buildings said...

So I've been sitting here, trying to think of something meaningful to dedicate to... but I cant. And it got me thinking. Everything worthwhile seems to have already had a page dedicated to it. It seems it has all been done before.
And I love getting first and working out a dedication, but it's getting so hard, y'know?

So.... I wanna mix it up a bit, and do something so different and fun.... something I doubt has been done before.

I am... I am going to dedicate this page to every other dedication that has ever been done on this blog. To every bloglandian, blogger and insane person. To everythkng mentioned right here. To our home. But I'm doing it my way. Doing it the insane way.

This is me, deciding to mix it up. And what I am doing is this:

I want you to email me quotes. Amazing bloglandian quotes. And I am going to compile them. And post them. That is going to be my dedication. Email me anything. A word. A sentence. A paragraph. Anything a bloglandian has said that just stuck in you head and/or heart. Anything. Possitive, negative, opinionated or completely neutral. Just send me and email and I will add it.

my email addresses:

Dont even hesitate. Just send them.

January 29, 2014 at 3:38 AM

And so, I made this blog to compile the quotes on. :)


Narvi Dione, Mycroft Holmes/Mycroftbunny when specified. said...

THIS IS AN AMAZING IDEA! *hugs to moon and back*

Tamami Hope said...

Snow... Do you have any idea how much seeing some of these quotes mean to me? I'm almost in tears. :,) This is a beautiful blog. *hugs*