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Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Think of someone awesome you know.
Try to explain their awesomeness.
Can't do it, can you?
That's because people can't be put into words.
People are unique, and they're never existed before, so no words have been invented to describe them.
It's like how bands can always be described as a variety of genres, because they don't quite FIT because nothing like them has ever existed before, so they kind of have to sit alongside bands that aren't really like them.
Fabi once said something about how she didn't fit into lines and boxes because she was a squiggly thing.
If you try to define a person in words, you limit them, restrict them, cripple them.
In The Mortal Instruments, Clary asked her mum why she never painted her, and Jocelyn replied that to paint someone was to capture them forever, and that Clary needed to be free to grow and change.
People change so much.
If I could somehow describe myself in words, then the description of me that I wrote last year would no long apply to this year's me, and it wouldn't apply to the me of the year before the year I wrote the desc., either.
Also, people are so COMPLEX.
For example, I'm one of the most peaceful people I know and one of the least peaceful people I know.
How does that make sense?
How does that even work?
I can't say I'm peaceful and I can't say I'm not peaceful, because neither would be true.
So what do I say?
There's so many little idiosyncrasies and quirks and twists and swirly bits and mysterious bits and all kind of bits in me, and I've spent so many years trying to figure it all out and fit it all together and make sense of it all, but the more I know, the less I understand.
Hunter and Ez - I only call them my characters in order to speak in understandable language.
I belong to them more than they belong to me.
They're not my characters.
They're not even their own characters.
They're not characters.
They're people.
And even if I wanted to, I wouldn't want to try and define them to a few questions, a few quotes, a matter of boxes and lines and descriptions.
People will want to know characters by reading the profiles.
You won't know them by reading the profiles.
You will get an incorrect, very poor representation of them.
Also, my writing skills are just not up to scratch, Hunter won't play along and Ez just downright refuses, so even if I wanted to, I couldn't include them. :/

The profile OC things are brilliantly fabulous for characters, but my characters aren't my characters, and I can't treat them as such. :/

That's no me insulting the wiki. It's a brilliant idea. :) *hugs*
But I'm not going to insult some of my friends to appease some other friends, because I am fair to my friends, even ones with physical bodies who don't even really like me. :)

Also - I couldn't write a profile on you, whoever's reading this, could I?
No, because I'm not you, and you might not want me to, and I might stuff it up and you might not like it and, if you were someone pathetic like me, might even get upset over it. Hunter and Ez aren't pathetic like me, but still, fairness.
So yeah. :P

-Star Inkbright

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